Distinguished Service Award

order_of_the_arrow_distinguished_service_awardThe Distinguished Service Award (DSA) was created in 1940 to honor those who rendered service to the Order beyond the lodge level. The award is presented to Arrowmen, youth and adult, who have rendered distinguished and outstanding service to the Order on a sectional, regional, or national basis. The award is presented at National Order of the Arrow Conferences. Since the time the first awards were presented, only 965 Distinguished Service Awards have been bestowed.

The award is a sterling silver arrowhead bearing an arrow pointing up and to the wearer’s right. The award is suspended from a white neck ribbon on which red arrows are embroidered. A white square knot embroidered on red cloth is available for uniform wear and a silver arrowhead lapel pin is available for civilian wear.

George Donald Carr
Roanoke, VA
Carr (1914-1982) received the DSA as an adult in Powhatan Lodge. He received the Vigil Honor in 1961 and was given the name One Who is Skillful. He was also a recipient of the Silver Beaver Award, the highest award that can be given to a volunteer by the council. George was a member of the OA kitchen staff, and attended many National Conferences, Area Meetings, Pow Wows, and other events with the Powhatan and Tutelo Lodge contingents in Area III-C and Section SE-1. George served as Powhatan Lodge Adviser in the 1960s and as the first adviser of Tutelo Lodge. He worked for the N&W Railroad Carpentry Shop in Roanoke and was involved with the Masonic Order.

William Scott Smith
Lynchburg, VA
Smith received the DSA as a youth in Tutelo Lodge. He served as SR-6 Section Secretary in 1993, two terms as SR-6B Section Chief from 1993-95, and National Conference Vice Chief of Public Relations in 1994. He was on staff for the 1993 & 1997 Jamborees, 1994 & 1996 NOACs, 1995 OA Philmont Retreat, and the National Leadership Seminar. An Eagle Scout, Smith received the Vigil Honor in 1993 and the Founder’s Award in 1995. Scott staffed Camp Powhatan for four years, and later served on the Area 7 Camp Appraisal Team. As a youth, he earned the Explorer G.O.L.D. Award; as a young adult, he was a member of the National Outdoor Exploring and National Outdoor Venturing Committees.

Bradley David Long
Pulaski, VA
Long received the DSA as a youth in Tutelo Lodge. He served the lodge as Lodge Secretary, Vice Chief of Committees, Activities Chairman, and was elected Lodge Chief in 2003. He served as Lodge Chief until being elected SR-7A Section Chief in April 2004 and served as Section Chief until being elected the 2005 Southern Region Chief in December 2004. As Region Chief, Long served on the National OA Committee and the Southern Region Board. He also staffed the 2005 National OA Train-the-Trainer, 5 National Leadership Seminars, the 2005 National Jamboree, and the 2006 NOAC. An Eagle Scout, Long received the Vigil Honor in 2001 and the Founder’s Award in 2004, both in Tutelo Lodge. Long is most proud to have been on staff at Camp Powhatan from 1999-2007.