Tutelo Lodge 161 Vigil Honor Roll

Tutelo Lodge 161 Vigil Honorees

This list was compiled from local and national sources during Tutelo Lodge's 2015 history project. We know that it is likely incomplete. If you know of a name that is missing from this list, please contact us at history@tutelo161.org and provide us with as much information as possible (recipient's name, Vigil name, year, etc.). Copies or photographs of Vigil certificates, membership cards, lodge newsletters, or other documents are also helpful. This list is comprised of Arrowmen who received the Vigil Honor as members of Tutelo Lodge, and does not intentionally include those who may have received the honor from another lodge prior to or following their membership in Tutelo Lodge.
1973Wayne Hildreth Amiable Gentle
John L. Hurley Horse
Victor K. Rakes On The Head
1974Lester Burke Grey Fox
Charles R. French Quiet One
Charles J. Hansrote, Jr. (or Sr.)Wisdom
Charles J. Hansrote, III (or Jr.)Worker
Eugene Moorefield, Jr.Handsome One
Donald Robertson Back From The River
Robert W. Scott One Who Knows How
Joseph S. Thrasher He Who Is True
1975Preston Davids Silent One
William W. Douglas, Jr.Merchant
Donald W. Hash Helpful One
Jeffrey D. Janosko One Of Calm Mind
William Paul Johnson Inquiring One
John S. Thrasher Twin
1976Records not found or no Vigils conferred
1977Gary M. Bowman Loud Speaker
Thomas Crowder Peaceful One
Dr. Sherman S. Dutton One Who Searches
Raymond B. Rudisill Good Natured One
Andrew Sadler One Who Does Good Work
Reginald “Reggie” D. Tuck One Who Knows How
1978Records not found or no Vigils conferred
1979Alvin Q. Croy Mountain Hiker
James Potter Excited One
1980Dave Berry He Who Creates with Hands
Michael Bryant Quiet Worker
Chancie Crowder Traveler
Orville J. Gates Wood Carver
Hagen Giles Hill Stalker
David Griffin Outspoken One
L. Frank King Steady One
Rick Lassiter Horseback Rider
James M. Warren, IVOne Who Comes Back
Todd Berg  Mountain Man
Kevin L. Dillon He Who Is Concerned
John H. Hannabass One Who Is Ready
Brian Keyser Excited Indian
Charles L. SchwabDiscerning One
Laurence C. Spivey Little Big Man
1981Allison Burnette He Who Gives First Aid
Robert Dale Diamond Steady One
Edward C. HamiltonBig Brother
W. Craig Hamilton, Sr. He Who Speaks Favorably
Michael A. Keller One Who Does Good Work
Alex Mason Reliable One
Brian Powers One Who Searches
James A. Robertson Noisy Owl
Don Simmerman Dancer
Elbert Turner Patient Owl
1982William BlackGreat Father Bear
Stuart R. SchwarzerDeep Thinker
Fred SitesSeeking Eagle
1983Gordon H. Coleman Hard Worker
Hank Crelia One Who Exerts Himself
David Lassiter Loud Speaker
Daniel L. Montague, IIITeacher
Fred Sites Seeking Eagle
Karl Brockenbrough Diligent One
James Compton Helpful One
Joseph C. Curcio Little Big Rock
Greg Gooch Zealous One
James H. Hancock, Jr.One Who Enjoys
Eric Lindamood Silent One
Dennis L. Morgan One Who Encourages
Millard F. “Mickey” Owens, IIIBig Buffalo
Richard Riddle Active One
John L. Sites Perplexed Ant
1984Scott BashoreFast Speaker
Timothy ClabbersOne Who Does Good Work
O. L. Durham
Richard “Rick” GreenBig Wind
Michael G. GlasgowAccomplished One
Will LangleyOne Who Cares
Brian A. SitesJesting Bear
Robert J. WhitakerCaring Elk
1985James S. Agner Helpful Hiker
Dan Clabbers Sensitive One
James Deaton Shepherd
Edward C. Hamilton He Who Makes Clear Visions
Luke Eric Lassiter Dancing Clown
Ronnie Miller Little Bear
Daniel L. Montague, Jr.Jesting Cook
Mark Potter Deep Thinker
1986Robbie Bolton One Who Helps
David A. Clark Teller Of Stories
Stan Dillon Calm Minded On
Mike Garnett Skillful One
John Gill Keeper Of Promises
Walter L. Hare Carpenter
Leroy Miller Bearded One
Billy Moose Nighthawk
John Neal Traveler
Kurt Richert Fire Fighter
Ralph Sites Caring Hawk
Wayne Verity Excited Hawk
Richard W. Wimmer Orderly One
1987Dennis Carwile Trustworthy Worker
Tony Clark Wild Boy
Glenn Collins Thankful One
Joe Coyle One Who Is Ready
Wayne Hall Good Worker
Thomas A. Lewis He Who Creates With His Hands
Jamie Oliver Good Natured One
Eric Peterson Story-Teller
John C. P. Ross He Who Has Good Spirit
1988Chris Aldrich Shooting Bear
Jerry Byers He Who Carries
Charles D. Clark Father Of The Boy
Dr. Max E. Lassiter Caring Eagle
Greene H. Lawson At Home in the Woods
Allen Layne Inexhaustible Worker
Troy A. Lewis Quiet One
Timothy Miller Willing Worker
Erick F. Moeller, IIIWilling One
Harold A. Munton Teacher
Walter Raleigh Rakes Wandering Beaver
R. Scott Schwarzer Keeper of Tools
Steven Turner Music Maker
1989Floyd E. Andrus He Who Teaches Nature
H. R. Blankenship He Who Works Quietly
Jonathan Byers Steadfast Worker
Allen Carwile Dedicated Toiler
Aaron Clark Resourceful One
Donald J. Love He Who Collects Spare Parts
Sean P. Regan He Who Tells Funny Stories
Ed Singleton Strong Buck
Charles Stultz Friend In Camp
Edward Tarkington, Jr. Ceremony Master
1990Joel “Jody” Bunn Mountain Traveler
Dan Clifton He Who Knows How To Lead
Douglas Danco He Who Walks Alone
Joseph Paxton Durham Talker
E. Cecil Eastridge He Who Speaks Truly
William R. Hopkins One Who Enjoys
Steve Keen Rock Climber
Robert G. King, Jr. Badger Who Does Good Work
Mark K. McSherry Deep Thinker
Harold J. Napper Person With Unusual Talents
Clay Persinger Thoughtful Singer
Bruce C. Powell Big Bear
Paul M. Schwarzer Eagle's Son
Raymond K. Totten He Who Does Good For Others
1991Jim Bratton Mountain Bear
Michael Bremser One Who Has Knowledge
James Chad Henderson Busy Bee
Ryan Henry Seeker Of The Arrow
Steve Isom Diligent One
Robert G. King, Sr.One Who Builds What Is Necessary
Michael Labell He Who Is Concerned About Earth
Scott McCoy Quiet One
David Perrin Hiker
Quentin Ratliff One Who Creates With His Hands
Dallas Richards Good Natured One
Walter Sharpley One Who is Obedient
Robert W. Sorrells Busy Old Owl
James Washburn, IIIJust One Buck
1992Craig S. Depuy Skywalker
Brian J. Henderson Good Natured Wolf
Richard Barry Hensley Willing Counselor
Chris Horwege Smiling Bear
Ronald Horwege One Who Speaks Languages
Douglas R. Hubert Tall One
Billy Keen Dancing Cub
Keith Martin Happy Swimmer
Ben Nash Beloved Rock
Thomas J. Rakes, Sr. Cutter Of Wood
Mike Reynolds, Jr. Dancing Fox
Neil Smith Acting Squirrel
R. Tom Warburton Capable One
Harry V. White, IIIOld Wolf
Danny L. Witt He Who Does Good Work
1993Dan Brown Trail Builder
Christopher Paul Bryant Dancing Bear
Arvid Englund, IVOne Who Does Good Work
Edward McCoy One Who Plays With Lighting
Mike Reynolds, Sr. One Who Looks Beyond
Will Shaner Quiet First Aider
William Scott SmithConcerned Captain
1994Winfred Bousman Willing Worker
Krista Bratton Skillful Turtle
Micah Englund Friendly Teacher
Frank Gilley Bear Who Sees
Kevin Godfrey Quiet Hawk
Burt Hollandsworth He Who Makes Others Happy
Donald Kendrick, Jr.Big One Who Laughs
Kenneth LyonsStrong White Oak
Marylin Sites Mother Of Eagles
Carl StumpHe Who Has Proven True
1995Michael Adkins Accomplished One
Denny W. Barnhart Man Of The Hills
Kevin Bezy Wise Elk
Doug Brown Little Owl
Joe B. Graves Great Friend
Louise Hall Worker Bee
Patrick Hall Night Hawk
Chris Haney Willing Server
Ryan Hubert Craftsman
Caleb Johnson Zealous Camper
Brian Kiser Willing One
Ron E. Meadows Loyal Companion
William Mitchell, Sr.Hunter
Shane Pendleton Red Wolf
Robert Perrin, Jr.Silent Hiker
Bryan Phillips Enduring Man
Jack Warburton Wise Hawk
Mark Weary Thoughtful Teacher
1996Andre' "Andy" Arrington Lifesaver
Jack Beard Gray Buffalo
Greg Bosen Learned Weasel
Tim Brady Reliable Turtle
Matt Canfield Happy Elder Brother
Andrew Gray Friendly Dolphin
Kurt Paul Kipley, Jr.Talking Bear
Harry Philip Montoro Powerful Mountain Snake
Bob Morgan Seafaring Teacher
Gregory C. Polan Snow Bear
William R. Snow Swift Warrior
Judy Thierry Laughing Whippoorwill
Auten Clark Williamson Watchman
Joshua Williamson Quiet Owl
Michael Wright Arrow Seeker
1997Patty Arrington Watcher Of Hawks
Jim Brammer Bigfoot
Brian Bunn Teacher
Garrett Goad Silent Server
Ben Graves Deep Thinker
Russell Lane Forest Fire
James Leach Young Brother Who Is Very Active
Danny Moore Large Minnow
Howard Kelly Moore, Jr.Quiet Medicine Man
Travis Morgan Hiker Who Carries A Light
Glenn Overstreet Swift In River
Chip Riddle, III One Who Enjoys
Mike Ryan Mild One
Robert Sylvester ShullGrandfather Of Stories
Robert “Rob” E. Shull Dancing Coyote
Philip Spradlin Dancing Fox
1998Richard Baldwin Bearded Fish Hawk
Kevin F. Baldwin One Who Screams At Water
Andrew H. Brown Quiet Camper
Shelby Lee Spradlin, Jr.Majestic Poplar
1999Matt Ales Red Bearded One
Shawn Allie Peaceful Helper
Vernon Allie Strong Fisherman
Jeff Barnes Thin Dancer
Ted Bruning Gray Fox Who Enlightens
Robbie Bullen Great Friend
Bill Collins Able Grandfather
Mitch Irvin Strong Teacher
John Neathawk Dancing Hawk
Rob Russell He Who Returns
David Rutherford Deer Hunter
Paul Wright Creative Companion
2000Debbie C. Ales Meticulous Raccoon
Linda Bagwell Healing Mother
Alan Neal Boyce, IIQuick Responder
Jared Canfield He Is The One Who Runs
Patrick J. Costa Willing Servant
Justin A. Creasy Musical Chief
Roy V. Creasy Concerned Friend
Daniel Gray Inquisitive Otter
Daniel C. Hayes One Who Makes Others Laugh
John P. Jones Leader Of Praise
S. Bailey Jones Quiet Indian
George R. Jones Good Natured Shepherd
C. Brandon Lindsey Serving Soldier
Chuck Lord Adventurous River
Roger Snodgrass, Sr.Father Of Many
Daniel J. Warburton Youngest of Chiefs
2001Andrew R. Ales Happy Builder
Jimmy Bond Rising Warrior
Johannes M. Bosch Wind Dancing On The Prairie
Robert F. Brown Brilliant Eagle
Kent Brown Leading From The Shadows
Don Canfield Hands Of Service
Richard A. Dill Skilled Otter
Brandon P. Gregory Laughing Elk
Gregory Wayne Harmon Man Of Ideas
Jacob A. Hodges Working Rattlesnake
George Holland Man Of Curls
Justin Horton Voice Of Thunder
Noel Horton One Who Hunts With Bow
Bradley David Long Soaring Falcon
Susan G. Martin (Susan G. Rutherford) Pioneering With Cheerfulness
Allan L. McCroskey Leader Of Eagles
Chris Sean O'Reilly Elder Brother Eagle
Carl Sapp Leader Of Candidates
Graham Stephens, M. D. Doctor Of Laughs
Pam Turner Giggling Owl
2002William F. Brown Quiet One Who Speaks Loudly
Justin Canfield Biggest Of Brothers
Patrick D. Cherry Eagle Who Seeks The Arrow
Donald Cherry One Who Persuades Boys To Be Eagle
Clifford T. Hall Weaver Of Words
Noah Hall Cool Chapter Chief
Alan A. Russell Day Dreamer
Hollis L. Shrader Cheerful Fire Builder
Robert B. Turner Carpenter Who Builds Great Things
William D. Webb Untiring Spider
2003Jeffrey Costa Energetic Squirrel
James M. Davis Guide Of Candidates
Larry Howell Father Of Many Scouts
Michael Eugene Munton Dedicated Cheerful Worker
Tommy Pendleton Tender Of The Fire In The Night
Michael W. Spence He Who Leads To The Mountain Tops
David B. Stana One Who Builds With Fire
Mark Vitello, Jr.Happy Trader
Carter Holt Ward Stately Eagle
Stephen C. Warren Historian
2004John Allgauer Faithful Brother
Nick Allgauer Whispering Pine
Jeff Bona Faithful Bear
Kenneth Draper Tamer Of Fire
Alex Haney Wandering Eagle
Lew Kellison, IIIEager Friend
Susan McKimmy Inspiring Bob White
Daniel Murray Persevering Chief
Samuel Townsend Creative Eagle
Tom Townsend Thoughtful Creator
Mark Vitello, Sr. Cheerful Thunder
Mark Woodie Woods Walker
2005Otis L. Coulson Enduring Red Wood
Jared Matthew Coulson Selfless Hawk
Gary E. Harvey Guiding Architect
Matthew Tyler Morris Teacher Of Leaders
Gary D. Reeves Reliable Fish Hawk
Warren Rodgers Dependable Friend
2006Matthew P. Allen Friend Who Carries His Brothers Burden
Mike Bray Mighty Bison
Preston Brown Tamer of Great Rivers
Nick Frye Dedicated Hawk
Phillip Gereaux Guiding Buffalo
Cushing Holland Peaceful Trader
Phillip C. Martin Loyal One in Service
Jason Morgan Willing Medicine Man
David Myers Guiding Carpenter
Christopher Nicholas Racing Wind
Kevin Reedy Strong Willed Archer
George Reutter Noble Raccoon
Holt Ward Traveling Pathfinder
Eric Ward Bear With Big Heart
2007Rodney Allen Unwavering Eagle
Zach Burns Light Footed Crow
Cody Draper Lightning in the Field
Phillip "Andy" Martin Builder of Strong Foundations
Drew Morris Humble Oak that Points the Way
Charles Myers Quiet Voice From The Trees
James Nicholas Steadfast Polestar
Brandon O'Dell Friend Who Extends His Hand
John Otey Seeker of Rolling Waters
Dennis Ratliff Thoughtful Owl
Keith Reedy Loyal Grasshopper
John Reutter Encouraging Raccoon
Parker Vascik Soaring Arrow
Marcus Yancey Spirit Of The Sun
2008Donald Allen Cheerful Possum
Don Cleary Humble Servant
Dan Grubb Useful One
Frank Hannabass Jovial Warrior
Stephan Hannabass Light That Guides The Brothers
Matthew Hooker Soft Spoken Keeper Of Reptiles
Addison Howell Soft Spoken Friend
John Johnson Speaker of Truth
Jeremy Lee Jones Cheerful Dancer
Will Miller Articulate Otter
2009Cody Allen Buffalo Dancer
Tom Barksdale Rekindling of the Spirit
Zachary Barksdale Mountain of Laughter
Dorothy Cleary Woman of the Wind
Gavin Dawson Dedicated Sparrow
Kevin Dawson Walker of the Past
Craig Hudgins Racing Bobcat
Mark Jones Watchful Willow
Ronnie Jones One Who Knows How
John Reutter Humble Raccoon
Cory Songer Service With Heart
David Tyler Wright Cheerful Cub
2010Anthony Browning Encouraging Father
Justin Carwile Peaceful Chief
Gary Mike Holcomb Faithful Believer
Charles Holscher Laughing Redwood
Jeffrey Inman Crow Who Flies With Eagles
Thomas Johnson Laughing Squirrel of the Wind
Michael Raymond Lewis Deep Flowing Stream
Richard Allen Robinson, Jr. Cheerful Woodpecker
Matthew George Rosendahl Rising Polestar
John D. Swann, IIIWolf of the Shadows
2011William Adams Keeper of Knowledge
Stephen Browning Guiding Showman
Brian "Pipes" Farrell Cheerful Piper
Nelson Fox Diligent Woodpecker
John Griessmayer Trainer of Eagles
Donald Hurley Unselfish Traveler
Gregory Martin Soft Spoken Ant
Andrew Miller Vibrant Light
David Payne Soft Spoken Mentor
Jon Robinson Running Chipmunk
Jeffery Smith Quiet Soldier
Benjamin Webster Climber of Mountains
Brandon Winesett Godly Servant
Jeffrey Wright Reliable White Buffalo
2012Jonathan David Browning Crafting Woodsman
Adam Thomas Cline Calm Spirited Calf
James Leo Crandall Soft Spoken Shaman
Christopher Thomas Dempsey Towering Disciple
Steven O. Edwards Friendly White Oak
Clifford W. Logue, Sr. One With Nature'S Song
Adam David Nicholas Soaring Hawk
David Bradley Payne Thunder In Silence
Tim A. Ramsey Vigilant Leader
Kasey Reedy Cheerful Hare
Timothy F. Spayde Cheerful Traveler
Frankie Whaley Running Bull
Ethan Chase Wright White Fox
Christopher Yon Meditating Mountain Man
2013A. Blane Adams Laughing Light
Kiernan Berger Grinning Squirrel
Carter S. Elliott, IVLittle Happy Beaver
David Foster Wise Walker of the Trail
Dakota Lineberry Diligent Disciple
Samuel H. McGhee Red Songbird
Jason "Mo" Moore Insightful Gazer of the Stars
Charles Ray Quesenberry Guiding Fox
Seth Ramsay Guiding Craftsman
Brent T. Reutter Knowledgeable Racoon
Rodney Roberts He Who Battles Fire
Cody Slaughter Cheerful Dancing Bear
John Vitello Joyful Breeze
2014Eric BlevinsBig Fish
Lisa BlevinsNurturing Dreamcatcher
Don ClarkInsightful Falcon
Ben CorfieldDedicated Trader
Greg CriggerSpiritual Traveler
Pat JobeFriendly Crafter
James S. “Jamie” KnoxGuiding Smile
Tyler McGaugheyHe Who Helps His Brothers
Perry QuesenberryHumble Fox
Connor RogersResourceful Storyteller
Michael RoseSmiling Chief
Jacob SpiersJumping Squirrel
Jason UsseryGuiding Brother
Dakota WardCheerful Guiding Chief
2015Logan BlevinsLittle Fish
James DavisDevoted Owl
Ron HuffJovial Servant
Spencer KnoxFoxy Squirrel
Taylor McKinnisYouthful Spirit
Riley MillwardGuardian of the Fire
James ParkerPassionate Scholar
Eric ReynoldsThoughtful Warrior
Richard A. Robinson, Sr.Devoted Messenger
2016Warren CrandallFar Gazing Shamen
Jacob DejarnetteMighty Chief Who Tames the Wind
Cannon KnappRunning Brave
Hunter JobeCalm Breeze
Tom BakerCheerful Speaker of Big Words
Chris MatthewsGuides with Bright Fire
Nathan RoakesJoyful Thundering Servant
Steve AdkinsTowering Wise Servant
Bobby BurlesonSteadfast Servant
Fred MillwardGuide for the Journey
Marybeth ChaconasGuardian of Gods Creatures
Mark WarrenSong of the Trail
Billy Joe ChandlerOne Who Dreams Among the Stars
Charles MooreProvider of Fish
Kevin CentersLaughing Eagle
Aaron BurlesonFixer of All
2017Brian CorellCheerful buffalo
Ben MardenBeliever who carries the fire
Bob MardenSoft spoken owl
John NimmoSon that guides the stars
Jacob RobertsEnlightened whippoorwill
Brad SimpsonHoly speaker
Bill StanfieldFeathers of the arrow
John WarrenThunderous walking flame
2018Samuel C. BystrekKind Guiding Beaver
Michael W. KyleBoldly Rushing Waters
William David HarlessSeeker of Higher Places
Gabriel PlichtaCommitted Disciple
Alexander William PowellSoft Spoken Servant
Brian Keith BrumfieldJoyful Servant
Christina Diane PowellSelfless Healer
Donald William PowellJoyful Guiding Buffalo
Clarence E. HarrisThoughtful Bobwhite
William Paul SpauldingReliable Trader
2019Christopher BruhnsenHee who bears the quiver
Bill BirdleboughPatient teacher
2020Nathan BoothLoyal Toiler
JD CastlemanCheerful Squirrel
Andrew AbernathyOne Who Seeks to Serve
Aidan MelvinJovial Horse
Erik CovingtonDancing Spirit
Zachary McKenzieVigilant Guardian
Mack CalvertGood Natured Owl
Teresa BystrekInspirational Wind that Shows the Way
Andre PeeryTide that Lifts Many Ships
2021Noah BoucherCheerful Wind
Robbie KyleToiling Antelope
Tim JobeTwo Feathers
Tom SikesDiligent Craftsman
2022Wyatt BryantSummit Dancer
Jelal KaufmanFriendship Builder
Sara HartEnergetic Chipmunk
Juan H. GonzalezDedicated Craftsman