Powhatan Lodge 456 Vigil Honor Roll

Powhatan Lodge 456 Vigil Honorees

This list was compiled from local and national sources during Tutelo Lodge's 2015 history project. We know that it is likely incomplete. If you know of a name that is missing from this list, please contact us at history@tutelo161.org and provide us with as much information as possible (recipient's name, Vigil name, year, etc.). Copies or photographs of Vigil certificates, membership cards, lodge newsletters, or other documents are also helpful. This list is comprised of Arrowmen who received the Vigil Honor as members of Powhatan Lodge, and does not intentionally include those who may have received the honor from another lodge prior to or following their membership in Powhatan Lodge.
1956William F. MasonLittle Cook
1957Tom EnglebyInexhaustible
Sandy MullinGood News
Don HaleyTrustworthy
Monroe D. GrizzardOne Who is Skillful
1958Barnett Keith HaleyFaithful One
Thomas J. HowellHe Who Has Good Spirits
1959H. W. Shepherd, Jr.Helper
1961Robert M. BowmanAmiable Gentle Attractive
George D. CarrOne Who is Skillful
Dana E. DrewExcels All Others
Robert A. GainesInexhaustible
Robert E. Garst, Jr.Woodsman
James B. Jones, Sr.Leader
William H. McAfeeExpert
1962Robert L. GainesOne Who Helps
Richard G. GarstDeer Dancer
George B. GerberichLeader
Edgar D. Wolcott, Jr.Good Handsome
1964Barry CohenPeacemaker
Robert C. DeWindt, Sr.Guide
William F. GriggsOne Who Helps
John M. Wilson, IIIUnexhaustible
Tommy WolcottOn The Watch
John L. Allen, Jr.Red Fox
James E. BlankenshipWorker
Bruce R. BoyntonDancer
Shelby C. DickersonLittle Brother
Arthur FoleyHelper
James Richard HancockLeader
1965Robert L. BashoreKeeper
David CarperGood Boy
Sam EvansExpert
Steve JamisonFire Chief
Jim KellyOn The Watch
Earl C. WarrenLittle Big Man
1966Don AllisonEnergetic Man
H. O. “Buddy” BakerRockledge
Michael CannadayDreamer
Moffatt EvansLazy Boy
Claud GallimoreExcels All Others
Charles HillTrustworthy
Robert McGrawLargemouth
1967Charles E. RhodesBlue Jay
Tim SlaydonEcho
1968Larry AdkinsBear With a Big Voice
Woodrow W. BaileyStoryteller
James BaileyBears Head
Tom JordanArrow Chief
Robert MillsBlack Buffalo
James W. MoyerEagle Chief
1970Herman C. PowellMedicine Bear
Brian E. HarmonTeacher
William A. “Bill” Irvin, IIIBlack Eye
Jack W. LucasEagle Eyed
Alfred H. Merrill, Jr.Blue Eyed
Robert N. ReinhardtCurly Headed
1971Brad RoscoeResting On It
Douglas TestermanTraveler
Joseph C. LaRoccoYoung Beaver
Bruce C. LawrenceChief
Charles L. PotterLone Cedar Tree
Stephen A. SheddCareful
G. Howard Christy
1972Ronnie GarrenWampum
Steve KellyRedhead
Paul G. LancasterMedicine Man
William W. TabornWatcher
George TurnerPerseverance