Section, Region, and National Officers & Advisers

Tutelo Youth Serving the OA at the Area & Section Level

1958-1959Area III-CTom CarrollArea ChiefPowhatan 456
1960-1961Larry HorneArea ChiefKoo Koo Ku Hoo 161
1964-1965Donald CoxArea ChiefKoo Koo Ku Hoo 161
1970-1971Richard BryantArea Vice ChiefKoo Koo Ku Hoo 161
1971-1972Richard BryantArea ChiefKoo Koo Ku Hoo 161
1976-1977Section SE-1Gary M. BowmanSection Vice ChiefTutelo 161
1981-1982Dave GriffinSection Vice ChiefTutelo 161
1983-1984Section SE-8Scott BashoreSection SecretaryTutelo 161
1984-1985Mike GlasgowSection SecretaryTutelo 161
1985-1986Mike GlasgowSection ChiefTutelo 161
1986-1987Dan ClabbersSection SecretaryTutelo 161
1987-1988Joe NapperSection Vice ChiefTutelo 161
1988-1989Shawn O’NeillSection SecretaryTutelo 161
1990-1991Brian HendersonSection SecretaryTutelo 161
1991-1992Brian HendersonSection Vice ChiefTutelo 161
1993Section SR-6W. Scott SmithSection SecretaryTutelo 161
1993-1994Section SR-6BW. Scott SmithSection ChiefTutelo 161
1994-1995W. Scott SmithSection ChiefTutelo 161
1997-1998Section SR-7AChris HaneySection ChiefTutelo 161
2001-2002Johannes BoschSection Vice ChiefTutelo 161
2004Bradley LongSection ChiefTutelo 161
2005-2006Jeff BonaSection ChiefTutelo 161
2006-2007Christopher NicholasSection SecretaryTutelo 161
2009-2010Thomas JohnsonSection SecretaryTutelo 161
2010-2011Thomas JohnsonSection Vice ChiefTutelo 161
Ben WebsterSection SecretaryTutelo 161
2011-2012Ben WebsterSection SecretaryTutelo 161
Ben WebsterSection ChiefTutelo 161
2012-2013Ben WebsterSection ChiefTutelo 161
2015-2016Carter S. Elliott, IVSection SecretaryTutelo 161
2016-2017Carter S. Elliott, IVSection Vice ChiefTutelo 161
2017-2018Gabe PlichtaSection SecretaryTutelo 161
2018-2019Gabe PlichtaSection SecretaryTutelo 161
2019-2020Gabe PlichtaSection Secretary /
Section Chief
Tutelo 161
2019-2020JD CastlemanSection SecretaryTutelo 161
2022-2023Section E9Wyatt BryantSection SecretaryTutelo 161

Tutelo Adults Serving the OA at the Area & Section Level

1983-1984Section SE-8Norm SchaeferSection Staff AdviserTutelo 161
1996-1997Section SR-6BLarry LeachSection AdviserTutelo 161
1997-1999Section SR-7ALarry LeachSection AdviserTutelo 161
2005-2010Ken LyonsSection Staff AdviserTutelo 161
2010-2018W. Scott SmithAssociate Section AdviserTutelo 161
2019-2020W. Scott SmithSection AdviserTutelo 161

Tutelo Arrowmen Serving the OA at the Regional or National Level

1994W. Scott SmithNOAC CVC of Public Relations
2005Bradley LongSouthern Region Chief
2006Jeff BonaNOAC CVC of Radio/Info Booths/Hometown News
2018-W. Scott SmithSouthern Region OA Committee
Note 1: NOAC CVCs (Conference Vice Chiefs) are elected at the National Planning Meeting by fellow section chiefs appointed to the particular conference committee. They serve from December of the previous year through the National Conference, and do not serve on a regional or national committee by virtue of their CVC position.

Note 2:To-date, Bradley Long is the only true regional or national officer to hail from Tutelo Lodge. Region chiefs are elected at the National Planning Meeting by fellow section chiefs from each region. They serve for the entire year and are appointed to their respective region committee.