Hey – “What is Conclave???”

Hey – “What is Conclave???”


Never been to Conclave? Curious about what it is? Here’s a quick list of the things you can do. Along with a video of past conclaves.

Friday night there’s dinner, a Conclave Carnival and kick-off, patch trading, and trading posts are open.

Trainings Saturday Morning (attend the ones you like) range from preserving our orders history to knowing how to keep it moving forward.

Quest for the Golden Arrow (join a team or cheer on Tutelo) in Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball, Tug-of-war, Bean Ring

AIA (American Indian Activities) will include drum, dance, and craft demonstrations, and you can probably expect to visit a tipi village.

The Expo during the afternoon Saturday will feature lots of organizations demonstrating what they do – think things like blacksmithing, fly fishing, outdoor clubs, memorabilia groups, hiking clubs etc.

Quite possibly a visit by Miss West Virginia…

The Grand Hodag? That’s the Saturday evening show that includes section elections, music, videos, CAMPFIRE STORIES by Tutelo’s own JOHN HANKINS and it concludes with every lodge providing tons of food as you visit each lodges Hodag booth.

BONUS – This year is Tutelo’s 50th anniversary (the only time that will happen) AND we are the Conclave host! This is the closest you will ever be to a conclave site 🙂

Saturday is the BIG day – check this schedule out from last year to get a good idea of everything to do!

Friday, April 29, 2022
Time Activity Location
3:00-10:00 Check-In OA Handicraft
3:00-10:00 Trading Posts Open Trading Posts
5:00-8:00 Open Patch Trading Eppard Shelter
5:00-9:00 Dinner Dining Hall
6:00 Conclave Carnival Parade Field
8:00 Conclave Kickoff Parade Field (Stage)
9:00 Vigil Honor Challenge OA Ring
9:00-11:00 Open Patch Trading Eppard Shelter
10:00 Council of Chiefs Meeting Dining Hall
11:00 Taps
Saturday, April 30, 2022
Time Activity Location
6:00-7:30 5K Race Burton Center
7:00-8:00 OAHA Alumni Breakfast Eppard Shelter
7:00 Breakfast #1 Dining Hall
7:30 Breakfast #2 Dining Hall
8:00 Breakfast #3 Dining Hall
8:45 Flag Raising Ceremony Parade Field
9:00-11:50 Training Training Areas
9:00-12:00 Trading Posts Open Trading Posts
9:00-5:00 Ceremony Evaluations OA Ring & Huskanaw
12:00-1:00 Lunch (Outside Picnic) Dining Hall Areas
12:00-1:00 New Ordeal Luncheon Dining Hall
12:00-1:00 Lodge Adviser Lunch Staff Lounge
1:00-10:00 Trading Posts Open Trading Posts
1:00-5:00 Adult Amusements Aquatics
1:00-5:00 Silent Patch Auction Parade Field
1:00-5:00 Conclave Service Project OA Handicraft
1:30-5:00 The EXPO Parade Field
1:30-5:00 OA High Adventure Area OAHA Area (Timber Mtn.)
1:30-5:00 AIA Competitions STEM
1:30-5:00 Quest for the Golden Arrow Quest Area & Volleyball
2:00-7:00 Open Patch Trading Eppard Shelter
5:00 Dinner #1 Dining Hall
5:30 Dinner #2 Dining Hall
6:00 Dinner #3 Dining Hall
6:45 Flag Retreat Ceremony Parade Field
7:00 Section Officer Elections Parade Field (Stage)
7:45 FireFest: Evening Gathering Parade Field (Stage)
9:00 The Grand Ho-Dag Parade Field
9:30 Live Patch Auction Dining Hall
10:00 Ceremonies Roundtable Eppard Shelter
11:00 Taps

And check out this link to learn more AND register…
Qhen you register, you get a chance to pre-order conclave gear (patches, shirts etc.) that will be handed to you when you arrive Friday. 


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