Got Pictures?

Got Pictures?

Hey Tutelo Alumni! Are you a Scout or Scouter who survived the 70s? If so, we want your photos for our 50th Anniversary.

Remember those awful red berets??? Knee-high green socks with tassles? Fancy new nylon backpacks with frames that dug deep into your lower back? Canvas Explorer tents and those fancy new orange backpacking tents?

I’m putting together a slide show for the Conclave History Museum at the end of this month (April) and need your help. We will showcase “That 70’s Look” to give the scouts today a sense of what we looked like back when Tutelo was chartered.

So, dig up any photos of yourself in your best 70’s scouting garb – preferably showing Tutelo Lodge in action, or scouts in our council – and send them to me using the dropbox link below.

Stephen Warren
2023 Conclave Museum

PS – The photo shown here is from my crew during the first week of High Knoll’s first season!